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“Radical grace” or “hypergrace” teaching is sweeping across the nations. Joseph Prince is the main proponent of this theology and believes grace and the person of Christ are synonymous. Of course many Christians are caught in the performance trap in on order to gain the favor of God, instead of trusting in the finished work of Christ. The untrained can take this to an extreme and preach the cheap grace.


The doctrine of “hypergrace” teaches that it is not necessary to confess our sins because Paul does not give an example of this in his epistles. The idea is that Christ died for our past, present and future sins and all we need to do is being honest speaking to God alone. This is actually the confession mentioned in 1 Jn 1:9—but a play on words. They believe that this verse was written to the gnostics in the church but not to believers. If it was written to unbelievers, why would John ask them to confess their sins? Other passages that support confessions are James 5:16 and 2 Cor 7:9-1, calling for repentance and godly sorrow.


The theology of “hypergrace” is largely based on the teachings of Paul, by which they imply that other writings of the NT are not inspired or canonical. They cite the Gospels only occasionally, since they were written before the resurrection of Christ. No wonder why they do not stress the teaching of “taking up the cross” and similar passages that demand total commitment (Mk 8:34-36). But we must preach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27), which means the rest of the NT and OT.


According to them, the OT law has no place in the church today—even the Ten Commandments—which actually show us how sinful and lost we are without Christ. But Paul reminded us to know the OT so we will not set our hearts on evil things like the Jewish nation did (1 Cor 10:6). How else we will define the right from the wrong.


Prince says we should not preach the law of God in the church because God only blesses the message of grace. Church history does not back this up. Charles Finney was one of the greatest preachers of American history who would regularly preach the moral law to convict the people of their sins. God blessed their works to bring great revival. The moral law is applicable in all circles which is actually the foundation of the legal system of this land. The moral law is repeated by Paul in Eph. 4-6 when he told the church not to steal, not to be angry, not to covet, not to commit sexual immorality, not to be idolators, and to honor their fathers and mothers. Further Paul alludes to the ceremonial law in Galatians, Romans, Hebrews and Colossians, which Prince believes has been done away with. When we break the Ten Commandments, we sin and is in need of repentance. Of course we need to be Christ centered to have victory over sin.


They embrace the teaching of “once saved always saved” theology. This teaching fails to take into account Heb. 6:1-8, 10:24-29, 2 Pet 2:20-22 and James 5:19-20 and several other passages.


They teach that God is not angry with anyone or punish Christians. Why then the Bible says, “grieve not the Holy Spirit” (Eph 4:30). Here grieve means to make the Holy Spirit angry. Immoral living brings God’s wrath (Eph 5:6). How about the sin that leads to death 1 Jn 5:16. What are the reasons of warning the churches in Revelation 2-3.


Prince teaches that God did not judge Sodom and Gomorrah until Lot was removed, thus making a point that God will not judge any nation where believers are present. This is not true when you look at how God judged Israel and Judah even though there was a remnant of righteous people in them (Isa 6:13). Judgment came upon cities and towns because they rejected Christ (Mtt 11:20-24). God judged Jerusalem in AD 70 (Mtt 24:34; Lk 21:20).


Radical grace is extreme view and lacks balance. When any theology contradicts with other passages of Scripture, we must be ready to reject it.


Rev.T.C Thomas


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